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Just passin’ through. Stakin’ out a few places for potential business.

{Laughs, lips pulled into an amused smirk.}

If I ever met a female version of myself, I’d probably call her a bitch too. But damn, she’d be a real bebe.

{Fingers through the cards, idly playing with them.}

I won’t refuse a willing player.

Any bets or are we playin’ for glory?

It’s not such a good place for business, y’know. Might wanna at least move towards the rich district.

[ snort. ]

I dunno — I think I was too busy arguing to notice whether she’s attractive or not. Probably is, though, seeing as it’s still me.

[ oops ego problems always. stares at the cards for a while and shrugs, leaning back a little. ]


Or a favor, whichever. Preferably something… non-material, for now.

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- catgramps -

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So called bad guys. I usually walk the line, but I was raised a professional thief. Still am.

{Cocks an eyebrow. lol what other gambit there is no other one}

Other selves? They sound like they’ve been hit on the head one too many times, t’be honest.

{Shrugs in return.}

Just a suggestion- you don’t have to play.

Huh, a lot of thieves around lately. What brings you here, anyway? A job?

[ tilts head, snorts. ]

I dunno, I’ve never met this other self of mine — I did meet a girl who claimed to be my female self. She was an irritating bitch though, so she probably lied.


I know I don’t, but we might as well.

Besides, I like winning.

[ grins. ]



More than alternative selves? Guess there could be.. complete clones, but that’s way too creepy to think about. Not to mention, I’ve been doing research on this stuff recently after I met some of my alternates, trying to figure out why I ended up the bad guy here. Turns out, it was just a single event that created a whole chain of events. I was the same up until that point. 

{Waves off the subject. Too much.. complicated shit to talk about. He liked to keep this to himself, until he knew more about it.}

I think that tipped the scale in your direction, because that was more disturbing than mine.

That’s because most of the villains don’t have family to go home to or anything like that. Plus, what are the heroes going to do if they find out their identities? Go steal their girlfriend and threaten her life? Nah, those are bad guy moves. 


You can’t ask why and then say you want a piggy back ride a second later. See? People just want one. It’s different than riding with someone who can fly, especially if I’m swinging. Like a roller coaster,  just without seats or safety shit

I don’t say the sticky hands thing to everyone- just mentioned it to you after you said it first. Feel special, maybe I’ll even give you a Spidey sticker. 

{A bout of silence followed that.}

I really hope you wouldn’t go through the trouble of finding some old man who steals gum from a store to relieve his rotting teeth. But alright, I get your point. 

Don’t make me change your name in there. {real threats 2k12} 

{Laughs a bit- shaking his head and looking to the side.}

Anyways, I’ll call you about the details later. After I find out more.

I was thinking .. — impersonations. Y’know, Black Cat, Catwoman? It’s like alternative self, only not really. Makes you think of a specific person fulfilling a specific role in said universe. Or maybe I’m just being a little too philosophical about it.

… huh. Seems like it was the same exact thing with me. Apparently a billionaire didn’t adopt me. Suuucks to be me.

[ shrug. ]

dude, no. we’re definitely even.

True. Not like I have a family or a girlfriend anyone could threaten me with, either — so I don’t really care. And heh, maybe it’d work if the bad guys weren’t complete psychopaths.

[ throws hands up in the air. ]

Hey — I’m asking why because I’m curious. And if I’m curious, I also wanna try. I don’t think words can explain something as well as experience, y’know? Live it or study it? I’ll take the first. Besides, it sounds fun, now that I think about it. And if my other self got one, why not me?

Good for you. I don’t see you getting anywhere far with that nickname stuck to your forehead. … — aww, gee. I feel so honored.

[ shakes his head a little. ]

Old thieves don’t necessarily equal bad thieves, y’know. I’d say when the age takes you, you become more of a con than anything else. Physically, you’re useless, but a thief will always be a thief.

… — oh my god, please don’t. [ real fear 2k12. ]

Mm, sure. At least tell me where it is? I can check the area for a potential escape route for moi. You have it a little easier with that.

[ le sigh. ]

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Yeah- none of the so called bad guys are happy about some of the publicity that’s been goin’ on. I, on the other hand, haven’t had a lot to worry about up until now.

Might wanna check out the site if you can.

{Scoffs- but in a humorous manner.}

Sounds like y’know what business I mentioned. No need to explain any further.

My real name.

{Pulls out an old deck from his pocket, shuffling it between his hands- as any normal person could probably do.}

They’re a good icebreaker game and fun with stakes.

[ short pause. ]

Bad guys. Which side are you on, then?

… — heh, nooo thanks. I mean, I don’t even know if it’s true. More likely, they know some of my other selves. That’s what they’ve been saying, anyway, as stupid as it sounds.

[ snickers and just shrugs in response, his attention turning to the cards. ]

Well, oookay then — dunno what I can offer you, though.

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You think somethin’s goin’ on or did a few guys decide it’d be funny to put out our names on a list? Then again, m’just guessing that you’re in the business as well.

{Raises an eyebrow, but laughs.}

Most people have a hard time remembering how to pronounce my name.

Red Hood.

{Gives a curt nod.}

You play cards?

Dunno, don’t really care — if something’s going on, we’re gonna know. Someone suggested my name’s somewhere on the internet, though. Not a cool thought, especially since with so many people knowing, guy has to wonder what sort of a site it is.

[ snickers. ]

… depends on what business means but — yeah, I guess.

[ quirks eyebrow. ]

Gambit, or your real name?

… .. — sometimes. When the situation calls for it. Why?

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From the looks of it, not much. Y’gotta understand, when you have that many people following you around you start to wonder what’s going on.

{Wears a lazy grin.}

Hey. I go by Gambit, easier that way. You are-?

Huh, I can imagine — I’ve had that yesterday. As a bonus, almost every single one of them knew my name; one even tried to force me into admitting he’s my big brother.

Creepy shit, man.

[ snorts. ]

The name’s Jason, but if we do aliases, you can call me Red Hood.

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Missed one- same goes to you anyways.

Same goes to me? And what do you expect me to do?

[ crosses arms and snickers. ]

Anyway, hello — who’re you?


 He grins. “Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s Jayjay.” Raising an eyebrow at his next question, Stephen assumed he would know Stephanie. “Don’t I look at all familiar? Imagine me with boobs, longer hair… actually no, don’t do that. I’m sorta related to Steph Brown.”

I think that about closes the list of stupid nicknames you can make from my name.

[ snorts and shakes his head. no point in arguing. ]

Um… —

[ he nods thoughtfully as the other speaks, raising his finger as if enlightened at the end of sentence and opening his mouth to speak, just to close it again. ]

Well, that’s great, and I’m sure she has wonderful genes, but I have no idea who she is.

… — is this related to this whole ‘bats & birds’ business? Are you Robin too?

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No, I think we’re both old enough that that’d be a little too trivial.

… Uh.

Oh, right. I see. Well, then. What do you do in your universe?

No one ever died from playing a stupid game from time to time, y’know. Studies say it’s relaxing and healthy.

… err. Survive?

Y’know, I still live in this shithole, so a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do.

Meaning, a little bit of everything.

[ shrugs. ]